ComputOrgChem Unisa


Welcome to the Computational Organic Chemistry lab of the University of Salerno (Italy) headed by Prof. Giuseppe Bifulco.

As the name suggests, this multidisciplinary research group combines the most innovative computational techniques and synthetic procedures to obtain new biologically active molecules. Our expertise and skills are focused on researching anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents, both natural and synthetic.

Computational Division:

The computational division oversees the design and development of new molecules using computational tools like molecular docking, molecular dynamic, in silico combinatorial chemistry, pharmacophore development, and many others. In addition, it develops useful workflows, protocols, and small software to improve the existing methodologies.

Synthetic Division:

This is the division that proceeds to synthesize the most promising molecules that will be biologically tested. It works both in direct collaboration with the Computational Division and independently to study the most appropriate synthetic strategy to obtain innovative compounds.

Computational Organic Chemistry Lab:
University of Salerno
Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132
84084, Fisciano, Salerno, Italy