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then, welcome to the ‘rabbit hole’, as you may have noticed I’m not part of the staff, so,

who am I then? I’m the little guy behind ‘Alice’.

Yes, another question: who or

what is Alice?

Pasmimmo is my nickname, I am a computer science student who had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with the staff developing my thesis work with their help, and so project Alice was born, i’m a fullstack junior developer, an iba certified bartender and in my free time a photogaphy and movies lover

Project Alice, whose goal is to automate the work of the “boys” of the BioInformatics laboratory of Salerno is based on a RabbitMQ message broker to improve asyncronous and parallel work of Cloe, passing through WordPress (with a plugin that I’ve developed) or better using REST API (still in beta) up to a cluster of processes in Python and CShell.

I don’t have much more to say here, but if you are interested in the background of Cloe, on my website you will find a lot of arguments about choices and difficulties encountered, in addition to github links.